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6 questions you need to ask to drive and realize IoT success

Before we dive into what questions lead to IoT success, consider this thought and let it sink in: Most IoT projects fail. They are perceived as a waste of time […]

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What is your company training for?

We know this: to get better at anything we must train. To train effectively, we have to be motivated to learn new practices and systems, and be willing to apply […]

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Need VOC? Try VRT. Avoid focus groups to capture voice of the customer.

For decades companies have been trying to understand their customers and grow their businesses by taking their new ideas to the worst possible venue to seek customer input – the […]

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Meet the New Twisthink

Defining What’s Next for Twisthink We routinely ask our clients, “What’s next for your business?” Last year, we flipped the script and had the same question posed on our own […]

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How HCD differs from VoC, and How to Seek and Apply Relevant Customer Feedback

When it comes to understanding what customers want – and how to factor their feedback into what to build next – any business would be wise not to act on […]

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Five Keys to Unlocking IoT Success Using Human-Centered Design

When businesses embark on building a digitally connected solution, IoT success is never a given. Yet all businesses that set out to do something new have high expectations for that […]

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AI and the Future of Business

Last year, we developed and shared A Practical Guide to Understanding AI. In it we posed this question – is AI a fad or the future of business? – along […]

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Jumble Think – The Power of Design

Twisthink’s Managing Partner, Bob Niemiec, had the opportunity to connect with Michael Woodward on the JumbleThink podcast. Listen in on this discussion as they chat about how design is much […]

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What if the Forecasts are Wrong?

Right now, our 2020 business forecasts are wrong. Every one of them. If you’re Walmart, a grocery chain or Amazon, you didn’t see this hiring spree coming. If you’re flying […]

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Innovation calling – How Design Thinking leads to innovation excellence

Twisthink’s Robert Niemiec, joined Syya Yasotornat and Erin Gregor on the Innovation Calling podcast to discuss how when it comes to companies researching emerging technology and innovation, it can be tempting to […]

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Trenches, Foxholes, and Who to Invite In

Here’s the most important question you can ask when seeking an IoT partner You’re about to go to battle, preparing to enter unfamiliar territory, when you come to the realization: […]

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Tech Talks Daily – Innovation Excellence Over Operational Excellence

Hello, Tech Talks Daily Podcast listeners! Twisthink’s Managing Partner, Bob Niemiec, had the opportunity to re-connect with Neil Hughes on The Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Listen in as they discuss the importance […]

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